My life changed in 2011 when I lost both my parents in close succession and decided to sell the family business where I had worked for many years as a Traffic Engineer, Trainer and eventually a Director. I had always been interested in complementary therapies and saw it as an opportunity to train and try something new. Over the years my work changed and developed to be more focused on the needs of women and fertility in particular. Training courses I have attended such as Fertility Massage Therapy and Holistic Pelvic Care have been amazing and mind blowing, and I love to share all I've learnt on my journey with my clients. I felt my original business Total Body Therapy was too masculine for this work and so have created a new offering Holistic Woman.

I work intuitively and allow the body to release in the way it needs, my body responds to the energy releasing in a variety of ways including hiccups, burping, yawning and watering eyes. 


I have a strong interest in fertility having been on our own 5 year fertility journey. I looked at the whole picture whilst trying to conceive our beautiful daughter Imogen and I love to help other couples do the same.

Before we even started IVF I had done everything I possibly and reasonably could including Acupuncture, Reproflexology and EFT. After our first failed IVF I wasn't willing to do anymore without having some further testing, £2700 later we found I had the gene mutation MTHFR, Natural Killer Cells and a clotting gene among other things. I had wanted these tests before we even did the first round of IVF but the consultant didn't think they were necessary at that point.

With all those test results the fertility clinic were ready to prescribe the full works including steroids, IV intralipids, clexane etc but these wouldn't have been covered on an NHS funded round. (I was secretly pleased as I wanted my conception and pregnancy to be as natural and drug free as possible.) We had an embryo in the freezer to use under the NHS funding but couldn't use any of the bells and whistles the fertility clinic wanted to offer. 

I was pleased to have something to work with as I thought there must be other things at play otherwise we would have conceived naturally by now. After an awful lot of research and reading about my test results I made some dietary changes, changed my supplements, performed acupuncture on myself and continued going for Reproflexology Treatments, even though my nearest therapist was over an hour away. Amazingly the frozen cycle worked and our daughter finally arrived in the world 9 months later. 


Over the years somehow I developed and founded 'Gentle Release Therapy'. It wasn't something I had planned...you never know what the universe has in store for you next!

Over the years working as a therapist, the way I worked changed and my body began to 'react' during treatments (I see these reactions as a sign of energy shifting in clients). From the reactions I was feeling I was able to know where there were blocks and when things were cleared. By 2017 my clients were so pleased with the results asking if there were books about the therapy, and to be honest at that point it hadn't even got a name!  


It was then that I decided to train a few friends just to check that it wasn't just me these techniques worked for. Three friends, one a nurse, one a biology teacher and one a longstanding client were able to feel the reactions too and they practiced on friends and family also getting great results. 

Gentle Release Therapy has well and truly taken off and I now spend much of my time teaching internationally and supporting our students. I have recently launched EnerQi Facial Rejuvenation to support clients with Gentle Release Therapy alongside a Facial Rejuvenation session. 

I hoped to create a nurturing and supportive community for all the therapists that train with us, to share what we learn with each other, and I hope I have done that. Bodies have so much to say, we should all take more time to stop and listen....