Reflexology is a wonderful way to help a mother through her pregnancy, during labour and postnatally. I have been personally trained by Susanne Enzer, thought to be the world’s leading Maternity reflexologist and author of the Maternity Reflexology Manual.

During pregnancy reflexology may help various problems such Oedema (swelling), Symphysis Pubis Pain, Backache, Cramps and Insomnia, it is also an excellent way to relax, and let mum to be have some time for herself.

There is evidence that reflexology treatments during pregnancy in some cases can shorten the length of labour and reduce the levels of pain relief required. Reflexology can also be tried as a way of priming for labour if the baby is overdue. 

Once the baby is born and the hard work is over (or just beginning!) a reflexology treatment is a great way for the new mum to rebalance and recover from the delivery. Ideally 1 – 3 days after giving birth is ideal and I recommend mum brings the new baby along to the treatment, where he/or she can relax in mums' arms and enjoy the treatment.

I have an 's' shape couch that means we can get you super comfy at whatever stage of your pregnancy and blankets to keep you super snuggly if growing a baby isn't keeping you warm enough. I always wipe the feet down with warm flannels so don't worry about coming with 'smelly' feet.