For perhaps the first time in your fertility journey I will explore the whole picture with you, from a physical, emotional and sometimes even a spiritual perspective. I find it so frustrating that women are going through rounds and rounds of IVF with no-one having looked at the whole picture. I work alongside your care from the NHS, Fertility clinic or private consultant, I cover the science, the emotions and even the spiritual if you are open to that!


Working in this field for many years I have experience with various fertility related issues including thyroid problems, low progesterone, irregular cycles, premature menopause, pcos and endometriosis. I offer a range of therapies to support the pre-conception period including Womb and Fertility Massage Therapy, Reproflexology (Reflexology for fertility) and Gentle Release Therapy.

I ask that all fertility clients book in for a Fertility Consultation prior to any treatments. This session normally lasts at least 90 mins and will cover a wide range of topics including your fertility journey so far, health history, any test results you have received. I will then talk you through things that can impact fertility and look for ways we can improve things for you. I would be happy to see couples for the consultation, but often women just come on their own.


I always like to see IVF as a last resort as there is so much that can be done to help things naturally before you take that big step. I have been through a 5 year fertility journey myself, in which we eventually used IVF and now have a beautiful daughter Imogen, so I know how long, lonely and exhausting the journey is. 

I believe getting everything in the best possible place prior to an IVF cycle will increase the chances of it working, that's if you don't conceive naturally beforehand. I have to admit I find it very hard when ladies contact me for treatments when they are just about to start an IVF cycle, whilst I will do my best for you at that time, ultimately my personality means I want to uncover everything that's going on in your fertility picture and if I only meet you immediately prior or during an IVF cycle that doesn't give me much opportunity to offer you the best of me. I want to help you meet your baby, and I know that the journey is long but if you can give me 3 months (as a minimum) I will do everything I can and the rest is up to you.


If you have suffered a loss of any kind, I can support you during or after your loss. I've worked with many women and even husbands to let go of emotions they didn't even know they were still holding on to, one was over 40 years since the loss. Letting go of the emotions doesn't mean you love your baby any less, it simply means the trauma is no longer held in your body, and you will feel so much lighter. I had a ruptured ectopic during our fertility journey and even during the birth of my daughter there were still elements of that trauma playing out.