I started seeing Helen after suffering a miscarriage at 9 weeks during my second pregnancy. I was grieving for the baby we lost but was also keen to try again. After a detailed consultation, my first treatment focused on the more emotional side of things - I cried my way through it but it marked a turning point in the grieving process, helping me to come to terms with our loss - I slept well that night for the first time in weeks.

Helen gave me so much information about causes of miscarriage and changes I could make to my diet and supplements to improve fertility. After 3 months of regular treatments and implementing changes to my diet, my cycle had improved dramatically and my temperature chart followed a normal pattern for the first time ever. That month, I got pregnant!

I continued to have regular treatments with Helen throughout my pregnancy but especially in the first 12 weeks. I was so anxious about suffering another miscarriage but the treatments helped manage this and I always left feeling calm and reassured.

In the final month of my pregnancy I started having weekly treatments to prepare for the birth. Helen treated me the day before my planned c-section and it turned out that Baby wanted to arrive naturally. I had a very quick labour which I put down to Helen helping me feel so relaxed and connected to my body and the baby.
I highly recommend Helen and her treatment, particularly for fertility issues. It works on both emotional and physical issues, treating the whole person. We are really grateful to a Helen for helping us to have our precious son and complete our family.

Helen, Lincoln

For years I have struggled with back problems following herniated discs. Recently I have experienced hip pain and been informed by my GPS that pain killers were the only options. I have now visited Helen twice hip pain has improved dramatically, sleeping really well and generally feel taller, straighter and happier.

Sue, Woodhall Spa

We had been trying for a baby for around 9 months when I first contacted Helen. A family friend had suggested that I try reflexology and I initially found Helen through Google. I was pleased that she was nearby and specialised in fertility issues but it was her warm and friendly response to my enquiry that made me decide to book with her. I had a regular cycle but I also knew that I had one ovary with “polycystic tendencies” from a recent scan, borderline high prolactin levels and relatively light periods. 

On first meeting Helen, she reassured me that she could help with my cycle. Helen also saw my husband for a couple of treatments. Helen goes beyond reflexology to make sure that both your body and mind are in the best shape possible to aid conception. I began treatment in the middle of February, conceived in April and found out I was pregnant at the start of May.

My daughter was born this January and I continued to see Helen throughout my pregnancy to help ease my nausea and swelling. More than anything, it was wonderful to have Helen’s support on what is an emotional journey. Seeing her every week definitely helped and it was lovely to have someone just as interested in my fertility chart as I was. I have no doubt that seeing her helped me to get pregnant faster and I have already recommended her treatments to several friends.

J, Lincoln

Just want to say thank you for being patient with me and trying to keep me grounded. I do believe the treatments I had with you did speed my labour and help me progress so quickly, it made the first part of my journey extra special

Charlotte, Lincoln

'I really cannot thank Helen enough she helped me and my husband achieve our life long dream.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and it's many symptoms!! The most noticeable to my infertility journey was the irregular cycles, I had no way of tracking ovulation due to this and therefore very little chance in conceiving. I was told by many professions "this will be the battle of your lifetime".

Following 5 long years of trying to conceive, with multiple hospital appointments myself and my husband decided that maybe we should stop trying for a while and have a break. This was the most devastating decision we have ever made. However I couldn't stop, I wouldn't stop wanting a family, so after some Online research I found that reflexology could be beneficial to help regulate cycles and this is where Helen came in.

Helen is such a welcoming, kind, and warm person, who's knowledge and unjudgmental approach made me feel comfortable and free to share such a personal part of my life. The environment she works in is relaxing and calm, which enables treatments to be enjoyed.

I began treatment in September 2015 with weekly appointments, this then changed to twice monthly followed by monthly. My cycles became shorter nearly straight away, by October I was able to track my cycle. With Helen’s guidance, I began to record my temperature for ovulation. This wouldn't have been possible without Helens knowledge and expertise. Reflexology is one of the most relaxing, calming treatments I've ever had, it allowed for a hour of serene in the stress of life, and most importantly to the stress of infertility.

By November 2015, I was delighted to announce that the reflexology alongside all of Helen's knowledge and guidance had worked and I was expecting my first child in July 2016. Only two months after starting treatment.

I continued to have monthly reflexology sessions throughout my pregnancy up to the labour. I truly believe reflexology and Helens knowledge helped me and my husband become parents and we really cannot thank her or recommend her enough. I am sure I will be back to see her in the future when I need my cycles regulating or even just to help regulate my polycystic ovary syndrome symptoms.

C, Scunthorpe